Outdoor Party Beverage Freezer, Ice Barrel freezer

CE approved supermarket round cooler

Ice Barrel freezer

Cola Can Cooler. Direct cooling system, convenient to locate and move, and excellent cooling performance. Have safety heat reflective glass lid, and 4 strong castors.

Functions & Advantages:

1. Monolithic injection plastic glass lid frame/foaming lid, very strong
2. Temper glass door, safety
3. Water tray self evaporation, convenient for users
4. Green foaming agent, cyclopentane C5H10
5. R134a / R600a, green
6. 4 casters, strong, and could endure at least 4 km outdoor moving, full loaded
7. Popular in ice cream promotion, like Nestle, Mars etc
8. Optional with inner fan, LED lighting, baskets, PVC sticker and etc.

Specification parameter:

Style: Single-temperature
Capacity: 40L / 50L / 65L / 77L / 85L
Climate: N/ST
Certificate: CE
Storage temperature: ≤-18℃
Refrigerants: R600a/R134a

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