300L Store Refrigeration Machine ,Top Open Hinged Glass Door Ice Cream Freezer

Ice cream freezer with hinged glass door, top open glass door freezer

Ice cream freezer with hinged glass door

Chest freezer with top open glass, temperature rang: 0 to -50 degree, inside LED lamp is optional.


1. High Efficiency R290 Compressor
2. High Efficiency IQ Fan
3. Encryption Basket
4. Built-In LED Light
5. The Prepainted Steel Tank
6. Dial Thermometer
7. Energy Star Certification
8. Showcase Edge Can Change Colors

Specification parameter of Top Open Glass Door Freezer SD350

Model: SD-350
Climate: N/ST
Temp.: ≤ -18℃
Capacity (L): 300
Refrigerant: R134a/600a
External Dimension (WxDxH mm): 1122x615x795
Packing Dimension (WxDxH mm): 1160x692x880

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