3 Tier Gelato Display Ice Cream Showcase, Three Layers Ice Cream Trapezoid Display Freezer

Three layers ice cream trapezoid display freezer SN478

Three layers ice cream trapezoid display freezer

New eye-catching display cabinet with trapezoid shape that is able to operate as a chiller or freezer. With its high capacity an-d flexibility, along with its small footprint, it is the perfect solution for driving sales of chilled, frozen and ice cream products. Ideal for any shop, cafe, and etc. Perfectly displays your goods.

Door heater for mist-free glass, LED lighting, stylish profile, easy to move, and save energy. On top of freezers, choice of advertisement board, LED board and without board.


1. High Efficiency R290 Compressor
2. High Efficiency IQ Fan
3. Encryption Basket
4. Built-In LED Light
5. The Prepainted Steel Tank
6. Dial Thermometer
7. Energy Star Certification
8. Showcase Edge Can Change Colors

Specification parameter of ice cream three tier showcase freezer SN478

Model: SN-478
Gross Capacity (kg): 468
Net Capacity (kg): 396
Defrosting: manual
Refrigerant: R134a
Door Type: Curved glass door
Top Dimension (WxDxH mm): 1280x680x485
Mid Dimension (WxDxH mm): 1280x695x485
Base Dimension (WxDxH mm): 1280x840x615

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