Ice Cream Freeze Tunnel, Tunnel Equipment, Hardening Tunnel, Fast Freezing Machine

Ice Cream Type: extruded ice cream, magnum stick, funny face, special stick ice cream, waffle cup, ball cone, sandwich ice cream, wave log, cake ice cream

ice cream iqf tunnel freezer machine

Quick freezing tunnel is a complete line for freeze cup, cone, family size container ice cream, also for other foods, like shrimp, chicken, meat and etc.

Freeze tunnel machinery can be divided into four categories: Blast Quick Freeze tunnel , Contact Quick Freeze tunnel , Cryogenic Quick Freeze tunnel , Liquid Immersion Quick Freeze tunnel . The machine has reached the internationally advanced technology level, adopting complete pneumatic working, Siemens (PLC) display all operation data in the screen . The cold medium supply of machine adopts double-in, single-out method to increase the flow speed, and the speed of heat and cold exchange. It decreases the production consumption, greatly increase the production ability, and lowers the productions cost . thus making manufacturing satisfied and become the first selection of ice cream production companies both at home and abroad.

Certification: CE


1. Durable stainless steel.

2. Easy cleaning and operation.

3. Sprial type and belt type, customized tunnel avaliable.

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