Linear Stick Ice Cream Machine, Ice Lolly Making Machine, Industrial Popsicle Machine

Ice Cream Type: stick ice cream, popsicle, ice pop, ice lolly, ice bar, ice cream on a stick, multi-color spiral ice cream

Ice Lolly Making Machine

Stick ice cream machine is used to make ice creams with a stick with various flavor. The system may produce variety of ice cream whose surface is smooth, which has good taste with special flavor.

stick ice cream line factory machine

This good-quality device is convenient to operate regulate, By using different apparatuses for grouting paste, one can change the sort of products quickly produce many kinds of ice cream with stick, with chocolate coating or without ice cream. The series multipurpose ice cream machine which is designed, made in accordance with your requirements will contribute to the rise in quality of ice cream to satisfy customer need.

Capacity from 3000---6000pcs/hour, 8000---12000pcs/hour, 15000---18000pcs/hour can be choice.

Certification: CE
Voltage: 380V/220V


1. Highly efficient, energy saving.

2. Easy clean-up

Example of products:

ice popsicle Industrial Popsicle Machine

Video of linear stick ice cream machine:

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