Semi-auto Stick Ice Cream Machine, Icecream Small Scale Production Machine

Ice Cream Type: stick ice cream, popsicle, ice pop, ice lolly, ice bar, ice cream on a stick

Semi-auto Stick Ice Cream Machine

Snowball Machinery® semi-automatic stick ice cream machine is used in the small production for producing molded stick ice cream products, such as fruit popsicle, ice cream with bar, ice lolly or juice ice lolly, or some products that are not suitable for using automatic production lines. The production capacity is 1000-10000 pcs per hour. 

Made of high quality full stainless steel, safe and hygienic, with a long service life. The equipment is easy to operate and suitable for small ice cream production lines. Flexible mold replacement, mold shape can be customized according to needs. Can be used with stick inserter.


Filling Section
Stick Inserting
Demoulding (Final product pulling out)

More Details:

ice lolly making machine

ice lolly popsicle production line

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