Full Automatic Ice Cream Cartoning Machine, Secondary Packaging Machine, Popsicle Cartoner

Ice Cream Type: stick ice cream, popsicle, ice pop, ice lolly, ice bar, ice cream on a stick, multi-color spiral ice cream

automatic ice cream cartoning machine

In order to reduce the number of end packaging process, reduce manual labor costs and management costs, improve automation and efficiency, we would like supply automatic cartoner which can support a variety of ice cream production line ( including automatic feeding system ) , realize entire production line automatic production, packaging then cartoning.

Process as following, the production line-pocketed conveyor-packaging machine-automatic feeding system automatic opener-automatic carton feeding-automatic carton sealing. Let us talk how to save labour cost in ice cream producing process.

Certification: CE


1. Suitable for each different specification ice cream package.

2. The machine can be used for single or connect with ice cream packing machine for a production line.

3. It decreases the production consumption, greatly increase the production ability, and lowers the productions cost .

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