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Ice Cream Type: stick ice cream, popsicle, ice pop, ice lolly, ice bar, ice cream on a stick, multi-color spiral ice cream

Ice Cream Packaging Machine

Ice cream packing machine, Special designed for humid and corrosive production environment of the ice cream producers in cold drinks industry. It has the features of antisepsis, antirust and durable, which increase the service life of the equipment. It can be use as an independent machine and also be fitted to various ice cream production lines.

Main bearings of the roller are stainless steel one with sealing cover and self-lubricating bearings from Germany. Transverse sealer and vertical sealing wheel are made of 2cr40 material. Driving wheel of the conveyer, guide rail and standard fasteners are made of stainless steel. Shield cover is made of 304 stainless steel sheet assembled entirely closed.

The systems are designed to meet the standards of sanitation required by the food industry. High performance, high efficiency, high flexibility, high reliability.

Certification: CE


1. High performance, high efficiency, high flexibility, high reliability.

2. Very low maintenance requirement.

3. Suitable for hot seal, picture-in-place wrapping material, or any other wrapping material.

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