Ice Cream Fruit Feeder 2000, Ingredient Feeders, Solid Inclusions Machine, Ingredient Dosers

Ice Cream Type: all type, popsicle, ice pop, ice lolly, cup ice cream, cone ice cream, callipo ice cream, etc

ice cream fruit feeder

Making ice cream tastier and more eye-catching, delicious and attractive. Chocolates, nuts, fruit, candies, cookies, caramel, jam, sauces and fudge are just a small selection of the many types of ingredients that can be added to ice cream with the help of ingredient feeders.

Ice cream fruit and nut feeder work connect with continue freezer, capacity is about 150L-1200L/H, add fruit, nuts and etc. to ice cream.

Certification: CE


1. full stainless steel, special steel pump with excellent quality.

2. Less waste and lower costs.

3. Assures gentle handling, enabling use of fragile ingredients and even distribution of sticky ingredients, while preventing lumping an-d assuring consistent quality.

How is Ice Cream Fruit Feeder Working?

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